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question of the day

question of the day: comfort food [question courtesty of jill]

We all have those foods we run to when we feel like shit. The foods that make us feel like everything will be ok, even if its just for that twenty minutes it takes you to wolf down the half gallon of chocolate chocolate chip ice cream. For me, it's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or homemade soup. So, what's your comfort food?


without question: pesto pasta and pizza!

It really depends. Sometimes it's general tau chicken (from one particular restaurant); or hot chocolate; or a bowl of corn with butter, salt and lemon; or ribs from the Bar-B-Barn; or McNuggets... I have a different comfort food for every crisis, I think.


Gin is not a food, Matt, no matter how many times you have it for dinner.

Cold pizza.

coq au vin with mashed potatoes.

english chocolate. Being in the States, I miss my english chocolate sigh.


preferrably a) chocolate, b) strawberry or c) chocolate and strawberry.

I so retract, COLD PIZZA, definitely!

Steak and onions with green beans soaked in butter.

Or Cadbury's chocolate. One of the 1kg bars.

Olives in gin?

a double double with onions, fries, and a chocolate shake... from in-n-out burger.

When I feel like shit I can't really eat... Well, OK, maybe just a little bit of babaganouj. Even saying it makes me feel better!

I'm with Matt... okay, maybe not gin... I'll take a Blue Moon (beer).

It's alot of work, but my wife's Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes, and a bucket of gravy to go with it is my comfort food. Heart attack? Yes, but I don't care. Oh, and beer.

The olives count as food if the salt on my margarita counts.

I'm all about the espresso.

did I mention that since you now have 17 comments in this thread, I am going to go and eat cheesecake to console myself? I never get 17 comments.

But it's all good coz I LUUUUUUV you tons.

hey shel... sounds good (i too never get 17 comments)... my comfort food is italian pastries - most notably "the canolli" in any way, shape or form...

Belgian Liquer Chocolate . Cold woodfired, sundried tomato artichoke, mushroom, pineapple,capsisum pizza. Cheese on Toast grilled with chilli. Seaweed crackers. Mocha Tim-Tams. Sushi. Jaffles with cracked raw egg and Thai-Sweet-Chilli Tuna.

We went to Cheesecake Factory last night for dinner and I am in love. We got the oreo cheesecake and a raspberry vanilla cheesecake. My god, they were good....

Todd, thanks, now I am really craving cheesecake. DOH! :)

I've got extra at the house. Come on over! Leftovers are splendiferous! :-)

Hmmm... I like to eat stuff that's sweet...

Not at the same sitting: Any kind of coffee, the stronger and sweeter, the better. Jelly Bellies. Mac 'N Cheese.

Holy crap, 25 comments and I forgot to mention sunflower seeds. Otherwise I chew my nails and end up with raggedy tips of shredded skin and nails chewed down to the quick.

I got you all beat! Chef Boy Ardee

Ravioli...Mmmm-Mmmmm Good :)

Potatoes. Mashed, fried, chipped, baked; any and all. Potatoes.

When we lived in Oklahoma...a Braum's banana split, extra marshmellow cream...all for me!

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