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inside a kid's head

inside a kid's head

I went to DJ's school today for a teacher conference. While waiting for my turn, I roamed the hallways looking at the school work that was hanging up. I found some real winners (yes, I wrote these all down while I waited).

First there werethe essays about September 11th. Written a week after the incident, most of them dealt with how the kids felt about the tragedy and why they thought it happened. Samplings (bad grammar and spelling intact):

-I don't know why the terrorists did it. They were probebly drunk.

-The terrorists are meanies, but not like the Blue Meanies in that movie i saw.

- Maybe they didn't like how much things cost hear and thats why they did it

-they think it was afganstan but we cant really say that cause if it wasnt then they would get mad and i think they are crazy there so we cant make them mad

Then there was the timeline project, where each kid had to write a little timeline of the important events in his/her life. They were all cute except for this one tragic little boy's tale:

1994: tried blooberries for the first time and was allergict to them

1995: mommy and daddy got duvorsd

1996: almost died from a stomac virus

I sense that this kid is going to wear a lot of black in the future and write morbid poems.

And then there was AMERICA. The kids had to write the word America down the side of the page and use each letter to begin a phrase that makes them think of their country. Most of them were nice. You know, A=America is beautiful B=bringing people together, etc. But there was one kid who had to be different of course:

Afghanisstan will be bomd

My country is the most powerful

Everyone loves Georg Bush


I hate terrorists!!!!

Catch bin Laden

Always look for terroriss whereever you go

I wonder if his last name is Ashcroft?


I'm not sure what to think about the last one. I mean, I feel kinda sorry for him/her....they're probably doing what they've been told or taught is the right thing.

It's kinda scary though.

Kids say the darndest things.

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