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with liberty and justice for some, not all....

with liberty and justice for some, not all....

So sayeth the automatron Ashcroft: "To those who pit Americans against immigrants, citizens against non-citizens, to those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this: Your tactics only aid terrorists for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve"

How am I pitting Americans against immigrants by speaking out against losses of liberty? It's Ashcroft and his ilk that are holding immigrants and questioning them. It's those guys that are pitting us against non-citizens. This makes no sense to me. How am I aiding terrorists exactly? I would like to know. What the great thinkers of our government would like us to do is just shut up and let them run amok on our constitutional rights. I am livid. Has this man lost his mind? Has his quest for all-consuming power finally gotten to him?

Pissing me off even more is the fact that Nassau County (where I reside) has caved in to the militant thinking of Ashcroft and cronies. At first they were reluctant to interview Arabs because they thought it was illegal. Now they have reversed their position and will begin questioning those who the FBI tell them to. They are asking the men to come in for questioning voluntarily, but I can only imagine the 24-hour survelliance that will reign down on them if they refuse. God Bless America, everyone!


You're criticizing the Great and Powerful Ashcroft? [gasp] You must be a terrorist, committed to causing trouble and wreaking havoc within our proud nation who is ever so mindful of its Constitution's Bill of Rights!

Does anyone else see Ashcroft trying to pull an Alexander Haig someday? Please tell me someone will be close by with a hammer to finish him off...

Don't worry, Todd. That will be me with the machete, right there.

Call me first. We'll make a day of it. Early lunch...whack off Ashcroft...cocktails and dancing later. It will be very.

Hey, I want in on this shindig too.

you know, i really want to become an arab...just to satand alonside them and say fuck you georgie pie...

but liek they believe in god and shit, and well...i only believe in shit.

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