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getting over the hump

getting over the hump...

I slept last night. I didn't once wake up coughing or wheezing. As a result, I feel pretty good today. I'm not used to this feeling good thing and I'm not sure where to go with it. I could put all my energy into catching up on my work and clearing my desk off, but would that really give me any satisfaction in the end? I mean, wouldn't it be better to take that energy and translate it into something more useful, like running naked through the streets begging people for change? Oh wait, someone already does that, nevermind.

It's a bit hard to remain in a good mood when you spend your morning looking at the news. Feels a bit like armageddon out there, eh? And sometimes it just seems like same shit, different day, which is rather scary when you consider the same shit is bombings, automatrons defending their super-powers and nuclear threats. Oh, to go back to a few months ago, when my biggest worry was how to get through the rest of Bush's presidency without losing my mind. Yea, like I said, same shit, different day.

The shuttle launch was scrapped once again, leaving Natalie in tears. So I will remind you once again, that a science experiment that Natalie worked on (see position #4) is going up on the shuttle, should it ever lift off someday. Hopefully, tonight's launch will go well and Nat can finally feel like she is a part of history.

This week, my Blogger Insider partner is the lovely and very talented pixelfish, and I am thrilled to be able to throw some questions at her. Be sure to check out the entire site, including her comic, pffft!, which is how I came to discover her in the first place.

So, Wednesday has come, the week is half over and we are that much closer to the holidays, and I am that much closer to being completely broke. But hey, arent' we all?

So try to enjoy your Wednesday. It is hump day. So umm...go hump someone. Yea.


Statistically more people commit suicide on a Tuesday than a Wednesday.

Once you're on the hump I guess it's easier to see the other side of the hill.

Glad you're feeling better today and managed to get some sleep last night, girl. As for humping someone today, it isn't possible. That will have to wait until Friday. Is it ok to hump someone when it's not hump day? If not, then I'm in a lot of trouble.

Friday is mutual masturbation day, last I looked. I think Saturday is "fuck like rabbits" day.


Why can't every day be "fuck like rabbits" day, is what I want to know.

Oh, I'm with Bill. I want every day to be "fuck like rabbits" day. Can we declare it so? Please? Not that I have a problem with the "hump" day or the "mutual masturbation" day at all. I'm just glad I know which day is which now. I was doing it all wrong. Now I just need to inform the better half and all will be well in the world.

It is hereby declared that every day is Fuck Like Rabbits Day. To hell with humping. Go all the way, every day.


I vote for Michele as Supreme Ruler of the Universe.

Oh yeah!! Michele rules.

Hey, Ye Olde Shuttle launched. Congrats to Natalie. :)

Thanks! We are so relieved it went up without a hitch. I mean, her slinky is on it!

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