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today's question

today's question: Guilty Pleasures

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Sometimes I do things that are unlike me. Like sing along to a Bon Jovi song or watch an episode of Saved by the Bell. Afterwards, I feel dirty, like I committed a horrible sin against the commandments of good taste.

So, be it a song, a tv show or movie, or whatever else you do in the dark of night when no one is watching: what's your guilty pleasure?


A weakness for AC/DC.

Singing Spice Girls songs really loud and knowing all the words.

song: blink 182 - stay together for the kids

tv: charmed

movie: titanic

I feel so free.

this is so humiliating...but i love watching bev. hills 90210 re-runs...god, that was embarassing :)

Any time I find myself singing every word to any of the horrible 80's songs. I know many people are big 80's fans and I say "good for you". For me, it was a horrendous time frame and I despised almost anything remotely related to the 80's in the way of music. So when I find myself mindlessly singing along with one of those horrid songs when our pop radio station has a "flashback friday" episode, I make myself sick.

I know exactly what you mean, Lee. When I find myself singing along to "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" I ask the nearest person to beat me severely.

I'm not afraid to admit it--I have Britney Spears' "Lucky" on MP3, and every so often, I listen to it. Yes, yes I do.

sometimes, i like to eat that chef-boy-ardee pizza that comes out of a box.

i feel a great weight has been lifted. hm, and hungry...

Celine Dion.

I know, just - don't say anything. Please.

Fast food. I don't even like it, but whenever I find myself going through a drivethru, I feel terribly, tremendously guilty.

i'm not going to confirm this, because, you know, things could change at any moment. but i think i may have developed a little bit of a crush on justin timberlake. i'm just saying.

(breathe. breathe.)

I watch Jurassic Park when stressed out. Somehow seeing lawyers getting bitten in half by dinosaurs makes my life seem that much nicer.

I think I have seen JP about 40 times now. Must ... get ... a ... life ...

I'm with Lee. 80s music. Hate it all. But I still have a thing for bad girl music. Joan Jett. Pat Benetar. OMG.

2 words

Robbie Wiiliams


I have been known to hum the occasional Depeche Mode song - usually I Just Cant' Get Enough - when I think no one is listening.

Mig: what's wrong with AC/DC?


I make it a point to NEVER feel guilty for listening to Depeche Mode. The Cure, now that I feel guilty for.

Friends, the TV show. I'm a real webhead and I lead a semi-alternative lifestyle, so I take some flak for it, but I'm a totel friends addict and have been since it started:)

Great site!

I can't help myself. The Dukes of Hazzard is my very guilty pleasure. It's so bad I start to hear Waylon Jennings narrating my life in the back of my head.

boy meets world. I don't know ... there's just something about topenga, I just can't help myself.


mmmm topenga.

Fleetwood Mac, "Rumors"

I sing along to S-Club 7 and Ace of Base really loud.

Or sometimes I will get stuck watching trading spaces or some other show and feel dirty afterwards.

Tusk, Fleetwood Mac ... Topanga. [resisting any and all canyon jokes] ... Moonpies ... wifebeater tank tops ... Jelly Bellies ... any movie with John Cusack, screw the consequences. :)

haha what a bunch of DWEEBS i never do anything tasteless or uncool. i NEVER listen to bad eighties music in my car & sing it loud & know all the words & bounce around doing the little car seat dance. NEVER.

oh wait. i do too. never mind.

I have to say New Kids on the Block. Hanging tough. Everyone knows they like it. Few are man/woman enough to admit it.

Sudden realization that I love Groove Line by Heatwave. Pretended to myself, when it was on the radio every hour when I was 8, that I hated it. Ha. Also: Kid Creole and the Coconuts. And Morris Day and the Time. Oh the relief of finally revealing these deep dark guilty pleasures.

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