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breathe in breathe out

breathe in breathe out

This is the deal: I have very little voice left, I have probably hacked up a lung and half already, I'm tired but afraid to go to sleep. I am experiencing the effects of a cocktail of Levaquin, Bromatane and Albuterol. I either want to strangle someone with my bare hands, rearrange my furniture, or sleep for 64 days. Breathing has become a chore. I know, I know it's sort of essential to the whole life thing. I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow, but cannot miss another day of work because I am already so far behind that I will be taking work home over Christmas vacation.

So. I don't feel much like blogging. But I just did, didn't I?



How bad has your voice gone? Try this simple test...

raise your hand and point to the sky, then wiggle your finger. Repeat after me...

"red ruuuuum..."

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