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and the evening musings....

and the evening musings....

Work sucked today in that non-specific way that only a Monday after being off for a week can suck. Depsite the donuts and caffeine and hefty doses of speed-like medicine, I still could not get even halfway through the pile of work that awaited me. And there were just some things floating around my desk that really could have been done by the person who left it there. Oh, and the joy of being out sick with a respiratory illness in the age of anthrax. At least 8 people showed me their idiotic sense of humor by asking me if I had anthrax or covering their face when they came in my office. I was so tempted to take some of the powder off the donuts and run screaming down the hall, sprinkling it everywhere, wearing a sign that said "I AM ANTHRAX!"

Cramming all of tonight's thoughts into one blog.

I'm beginning to think that Rumsfeld, Ashcroft and Ridge are all automatrons, programmed to repeat the same phrases over and over at pre-planned intervals.




Someone pull the plug, please.

Dean Kamen discovers another way for Americans to be fat, lazy and unfit.

"He was a really good boy." Yes, I'm sure he was. All good boys join foreign militant pro-terrorism groups.

U2 at halftime? It's gotta be better than that bizarre-fest that Creed gave in the Thanksgiving game. Though Bono could give Scott Stapp a run in an ego match.

And that is it for this evening. I have Sponge Bob Square Pants Christmas Special in less than an hour, and the Packers on Monday Night Football.


And don't forget my personal favorite:


I seriously need to come up with the Propaganda War Drinking Game. "Evil Doer" would be worth about a fifth of Jack.

re: the IT thing... So funny! That's exactly what I was thinking... Great, it goes 12mph... you have to stand on it... Unless you need it for medical puposes, either take a bike or just freakin' walk!

i must thank you for reminding me of the SpongeBob Christmas special. i would have hated to miss it, plus it gave me some leverage in negotiating with my son about that dinner he's resisting.

so, thanks, michele!

I am sooo confused. Did you change the name of your blog? or is it still "a fire inside"? Please enlighten me so I won't feel so foolish for keeping your link as is. :)

It's still a fire inside, but it's ok to call it a small victory too. I answer to anything.

kd needs to repeat; "I... will... force... feed... you" to her son at a press conference, that'll do the trick.

I gave up on feeding my kid. He will eat when he's hungry, that's my motto. So what if it's never anything more than chicken nuggets or spaghettio's?

Can you still get scurvy?

You know why Brits are called Limeys, right? Cause we'd take barrels full of limes to sea with us to avoid getting scurvy... but you knew that, I already told you that, didn't I...

Thanks, Michelle! I feel much better now... :)

I see you have the same opinion of the IT thing as we do. I'm also failing to see how this will realign Canadian cityscapes, especially in a city like Calgary where most of the downtown core is connected via plus fifteen corridors (and I don't see them letting people use these dohickeys in the habitrails.)

The reason I mention Canadian cityscapes, btw, is because they often already are a bit different than their American counterparts to deal with the cold weather. Calgary's plus fifteen system is a series of giant habitrails linking the buildings.....almost Everybody walks through 'em....