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monday musings

monday musings

After more than a week off sick, I head back to work today. I'm looking forward to getting back into a routines, but I sure will miss talking to people on AIM during the day. I suppose not having an internet connection at work is a good thing right now, because my work is going to be so backed up I probably won't even be able to take lunch all week. I also have to spend some time today trying to find out why I got a certified letter from work on Saturday demanding that I use Family Medical Leave Act time instead of sick days. I have plenty of sick hours available, why shouldn't I use them? I'll be damned if I am going to let them get away with not paying me for the days I missed when I earned those sick days. Damn government job.

So I suppose I am back to having a life, and posting only one or two times a day. If you really miss me you can go check out the "interview" with me that Davezilla has up. Dave, the weirdly talented man who can make anagrams out of anything, honored me by conducting a fake interview in which all the answers are anagrams of my name. I'm in great company. He once did an anagram interview with bin Laden.

In other wordly news, Attorney General and power mad Ashcroft says that the FBI should be given more surveillance powers, including the monitoring of American groups, including religious ones. You knew it wasn't going to stop at militant political groups. They will keep broadening the scope of who can be monitored until every last American is deemed to somehow be a threat or belong to a club that's a threat, or once said the word terrorism in a class paper. Eventually they will treat us all like the 5,000 people they have in custody now; that is, guilty until proven so. Someday this weblog alone will probably get me accused of crimes against the country.

And just to make you feel better about this war, every once in a while, Rumsfeld will step in front of a microphone and proclaim that we "will get bin Laden." Is it necessary to repeat that over and over again? Are you convicing us or yourself? Or are you just reminding us what we are there for, in case the pro-war feeling in the country starts to wane? Gotta remember to wave those pom poms every once in a while, so the thoughts of reduced privacy and secret military tribunals don't effect our patriotism.

And just to prove what a wonderful court system we have, I point you to the news that Tom Cruise is still not gay, as ordered by a court of law. As Cruise's attorney said: "He's not gay, and the judge so ruled." Mhhm. Hon,I think the Judge was referring the actual lawsuit of the reporter having a videotape of Tom in a homosexual sex romp. No matter how much spin you want to put on something, I honestly don't think our courts have gotten to the point where they can rule on someone's sexual preference.

Go forth and enjoy your Monday. How do you do that? Be like me and make sure it's filled with Krispy Kremes, coffee, and medication that keeps you buzzing throughout the day. I'll be sorry when this stuff is gone.


I always knew that was what Top Gun was about. Tom cruises struggle with his sexuality. "You can be my wing man anyday. No you can be mine" or something like that. Its all about how Tom doesn't want to be in the rear.

I'm surprised your weblog hasn't already incriminated you for crimes against the country.

Come move to Britain, we're spotless. I mean, it's not like we invented barbed wire, concentration camps, exported out criminals to other continents (no, Australia, not the US) and supported the slave trade. Nope, not us. We're clean.

argh! that frustrates me so much. it would be so much better for everyone if stars would be like, I'm not gay, but so what? and drop it. this whole court-order-taking-out-a-full-ny-times-ad to prove that "I'm not gay!" really does absolutely nothing for the gay rights movement. nothing. suddenly, being gay is something these stars so desperately want to prove that they're not -- as though it's a bad thing.


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