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chasing the moon

chasing the moon

At about 6pm last night, I went to pick up pizza. On the way home, I caught sight of the moon. Did you catch that moon last night? It was round and full and huge. It frightens me when it looks like that. It seems so out of place, so strange. There was a giant ring around it, giving the edges of the moon an eerie hue. Altocumulus clouds moved swiftly behind the it, making it seem as if the moon was moving and not the clouds. The rest of the sky was clear and glowed with a deep, watery blue light. I drove a little past my house, trying to get a clear view of the sight. I ended up driving for about 15 minutes, camera in hand, chasing the moon. I took a couple of pictures from the schoolyard and went home to eat cold pizza.

I went back out at 8:00, and now the moon was right above my house. It didn't seem as large or as scary, but it was just as awe-inspiring. I think of this huge, beautiful piece of the universe just hanging in the sky. I try to imagine someone walking on it, that at one point there were actually people up there. I watch the ring around the moon fade and come back, waver and brighten. The view is constantly changing. The picture is never the same when you look away for a moment and turn back to stare again. Different clouds give the view a different feel. At certain points in the sky, the moon looks welcoming and inviting. At some points it seems dark and forboding. When it moves behind the bare, clawing branches of a tall tree, it is like a halloween postcard come to life.

I am so moved by nature at times. It's all I can do to soak up every moment, every falling leaf, every snowflake, every wildflower on the side of the road. I find tranquility in clouds and rainstorms, even in lightning. I want it all to last forever, every moment ingrained in my head, or on film. I appreciate nature the way some people appreciate classical music or ballet or gourmet food. It makes me glad to be alive, glad to be a part of this incredible, evolving universe. When you are staring at the beauty of the world around you, it's easy to get lost in its art and forget all the ugliness for a bit.


Now those pictures u took of the moom would be amazing to see!

Im hoping u will show us a few?


Incidently me and hubby were in the shower last night and i looked out the window and commented on the fullness of the moon too.It feels weird now to know that someone on the other side of the earth was looking at the same moon as i........

When Justin and I were living in different states, one ritual of our nightly phone calls would be to go outside and look at the moon. Just knowing that two people in two different places are seeing the same thing makes the world a little smaller.

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