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picture imperfect

picture imperfect

It's that time of year. Gather the kiddies around and force them into ridiculous poses for holiday card pictures. You start off all eager and excited, and an hour later you want to put their pictures on milk cartons instead of cards.

After three rolls of film, we found only three pictures that were suitable (meaning pictures that didn't include DJ sticking out his tongue or Natalie giving DJ the finger).

It's either going to be a nice holiday collage using the two individual pictures, or some sappy sentimental card with the combined picture. Ladies and gentlemen (and I mean that in the nicest sense), you are the judge and jury for this year's All-Encompasing Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Feast of the Cowardly Lion Day card. Single shots or combined? You make the call.

together DJ alone nat alone


I'd say go with the shot of both of them.

we'll i'll be the first to stick my neck out and say i like the picture of the two kids together.

separate, because they each look better in their own picture...it's more flattering. The together one isn't so flattering, but it's cute. :)

The separate ones are the best.Just as Elizabeth says.."they look more flattering in their own picture"

I would have to say the one of them together. Although, I do like the one of Natalie by herself. That's a good picture.

i wanna see the tongue/finger photos - that's the true spirit of xmas shing thru.

Together gets my vote.

The two shot's a winner for cute but the singles are better portraits. On the other hand, what do I know about photographing people?

I love the together photo.

John, that's my problem. I much prefer photographing things than people. Especially hyperactive kids.

Together. It is a good shot - even if it has people instead of things.

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