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beware zealots with envelopes

beware zealots with envelopes

This guy thinks abortion is so morally wrong that he referred to himself as an "anti-abortion warrior" and sent letters to abortion clinics claiming they were laced with anthrax.

So let me get this straight: abortion is morally wrong, but bank robbery, carjacking, illegal firearms possesion, attempted firebombing, gambling and drinking are all a-ok? As long as its done in the name of God, right?


Whoa...carjacking is wrong?

They never mentioned that he did anything in the name of God...

Fucking Waagner. I ranted about him after he escaped; he's such a psychopath. I hope when they catch him, he tries to run and/or pulls a firearm so they can put the man out of his misery.

They didn't on that specific story, Trav, but that fact was mentioned several times in the tv news reports.

You left out murdering doctors and clinic workers. [Not that this particular guy did that.]

Did you not hear, Chele? Doing ANYTHING in the name of God is a-ok. Hell, I bet even murder is a-ok if it's in the name of God..oh, it is..i forgot about the crusades and the spanish inquisition..doi...