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I think it's time to

I think it's time to do something different with my weblog links. The thing is, there are just too many good weblogs out there. I added a whole slew of them to the sidebar today, and I think I am going to start categorizing or alphabetizing them or putting them on a different page all together. Which brings me to the news that I am ready for a redesign. It will be coming soon, via the talented D, who has promised me something dark and Dave Mckean inspired.

And I suppose I should say something about George Harrison. I was never a big Beatles fan, but I did like him the best. So long, George.


(looks at diary)

Damn, I'm all booked up until mid December now. I'm never going to get a chance to move to my new domain.

Dave McKean and myself will be meeting tomorrow at 1 o'clock, I'll let you know what he says other than "Ew! Get that away from me!"

Ooh, Dave McKean. Yum.

You have my attention.

Testing "remember personal information.."

Okay, Michele, you're all set. :-)

Funny, I just said to myself in the last entry's comments, hmm...was that always there?

Thanks Candi, you rock as always!

Um, don't forget credit is due to the person who will be doing the actual hand coding.

Pixie deserves a mention too.

I love miss pixie. I do.

Michele,i downloaded A small victory by Faith no more and i gotta tell ya "I LOVE IT"

Ashes to Ashes was another favourite of mine but now i find myself listening to a small victory again and again.I honestly thought it'd be really really hard rock but its not.What other songs of theirs is cool?

You're asking the wrong person, Nicole because I will tell you anything by them is cool. But if you are looking for something along the lines of that song, try "Helpless" or "Evidence" to start.

"Easy" is good, I'll belt that out at the drop of a hat. "Epic" is good too (especially if you live in Australia cause then you haven't been over-saturated by US airplay)

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