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It's Friday, isn't it?

It's friday, isn't it?

First, the dream.

There was a circular piece of metal suspended from the ceiling, with spokes sticking out, almost like a ceiling fan. We were hung from this, through hooks in the backs of our coats or shirts. Our hands were tied around our backs and there were six of us to each metal ring, hanging there like sides of beef in a butcher shop. One of the men came over, his face covered with towels. He said he was a god. I began crying that I would never see my children again, that they would never know what happened to me. I had only gone out to get some coffee when I was taken by my captors. I was hysterical, snot running down my nose, crying in big, gasping sobs. I begged for my life. Another man dressed in robes came from out of nowhere and started cutting our ropes. We dropped down into a canyon that had steep steps carved into the side. We began the walk up and soon I started running, faster than I had ever run before. I was breathless and my side hurt but I kept going until I was in a dark alleyway. When I came out of the alley, it was daylight, and there was a man on my front lawn (which was now a cabbage garden) running after a mechanical ball while two secret service men, sunglasses and all, hopped out of the back of a truck and chased the man down. They held him on the ground while he screamed out to me in Italian.

The whole time, Men at Work's Down Under was playing in the background.

And now, as part of the Blogger Insider project, my answers to the questions that Rich asked of me. His answers to my questions are available at his site.

1. do you remember your dreams?

I remember them in vivid detail. My dreams are wild, weird stories with subplots and recurring characters. I have never had a night where I didn't dream and I have never not remembered dreaming. As a matter of fact, I could probably tell you about dreams I had back in grade school.

2. where do you live & why do you live there?

I live in East Meadow, New York, in the suburbs of Long Island. I have lived in this town my whole life. I started out in my grandmother's downstairs apartment when I was an infant. Then my parents bough the house across the street and I lived there until I was 27, when I got married and we moved to an apartment on the other side of East Meadow. After the birth of my first child, I came full circle by moving into the downstairs apartment in my grandmother's house, where I started out. My boyfriend and I are now looking at a house...in East Meadow. Why do I live here? My whole family is in this town or a close proximity. My parents, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. My ex-husband and his family also live in this town, making it convenient for the kids. I am a short train ride away from New York City and a ten minute drive in any direction from anythign I could possibly need or want. The weather is ever changing, which I like, with colorful falls and not so cold winters. It's a nice place; not Leave it To Beaver nice, but nice enough.

3. how many different colors has your hair ever been?

My natural hair color is black. I have been a redhead, a brunette and then something between those two. I dye my hair every month now, because I have a lot of grey, but I never dye it permanently because I am too fickle. This month is black with auburn highlights.

4. why do you Blog?

I blog because I think. Because I think way too much and mull things over in my head too much and no one wants to sit around all day and listen to all the crazy ideas in my head. It's partly the need to get all that out and partly because for as long as I have known how to spell words, I have been writing. So now I can write and vent and distribute my crazed notions at the same time. I blog for me, I blog because I need to, I blog because I am addicted to it, and yes, I can admit that there are some days I blog for the recognition.

5. what is the one thing in life you regret either having done or not yet done?

While I don't regret having married the spawn of satan, per se, I do regret the way I let him treat me during our marriage.

6. if the story of your life had a soundtrack, what would be your theme song?

I am a passive/aggressive sort of person, so there would have to be two songs:

Stabbing Westward, Everything I Touch I Break and Faith No More, A Small Victory

7. if you were an interior decorator, what would your style be?

Practical yet fun.

8. if you were allowed to have one superpower, what would it be & why?

I want to fly. I've had dreams where I've been able to fly and I would love to be able to experience that on a daily basis.

9. what is your worst vice?

Caffeine. It's probably my only vice. Unless procrastination is a vice.

10. what scares you the most (ie...bugs, snakes, clowns, etc...)?

It seems you are talking strictly physical fears here, not emotional. Two of my biggest fears are large bodies of open water and heights. Put them together and you have one intense fear of bridges. I am also not afraid to admit that, at 39, I am still afraid of the dark and sleep with a hallway light or the tv on.

I wish I wasn't sick and medicated when I answered those questions. I might have answered differently. Or at least have been more interesting.


yeah, but what colour are yr pubes...no, really, what's their natural colour?

...Okay..instead of asking if the carpet matches the drapes..I'm gonna say this, all my life (except for the occasional sleepover at a friends house..if we had slept), I've slept with either the TV or hallway light on, so you're not alone, Chele :-D

7,8,9 - right on. You can sleep on my couch any day, babe. :D

Ah, but the choice of dreams to live,
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