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what constitution? where?

what constitution? where?

Welcome to the new America. Our president, in his "this is my yard so we play by my rules" stance, has decided that not only are military tribunals a-ok, but he is going to get to decide who gets the spanish inquisition and who doesn't. Wasn't there a book or movie where the anti-christ behaved like this and the end of the world followed soon after? Bush defends his actions with his "we are at war" quote. I didn't know being at war makes the constitution obsolete. He then has the gall to say "we must not let foreign enemies use the forms of liberty to destroy liberty itself." So it's ok to let our government, which has become our own worst enemy, destroy our liberties. Because honestly, I can only see the give them an inch they take a mile thing going on here. Who is to say they will stop at military tribunals in a time of war? Or with immigrants? Or with suspected terrorists? Who in some dark part of their mind isn't thinking...jesus fuck, did I say something really bad against the government on my website? Now that the FBI is probably reading our email, and Bush probably thinks if you go against his views then you are a supporter of terrorists, can we still say "hey it's a free country" anytime someone tells us not to do something? What the fuck is going on here, people? Or have I just overmedicated myself again?


What was it his Daddy liked to say? Ah yes, "New World Order."

Dammit, you are spot on, and that's the worst, scariest thing of all. I am stunned beyond words at the liberties we are about to use, but I suppose I had better start using my words to strike back. I can't imagine that these polls are right, that 80% of people are ok with giving up their freedoms! I wish I could make someone understand.

I think Daddy Bush is also the sample in the KMFDM track "A Drug Against War" saying "We'll bomb the living bejesus out of them"

Oh, are we still your Allies? Are the french?!

Oh man - that's it. I was thinking of linking to Dave next time I redo my links. Now I am for sure. (btw, do you take all those wonderful picture images that change on your page?)

George W. Bush + John Ashcroft + Donald Rumsfeld = U.S.A. being FedExed to Hell in a handbasket. Satan & his minions, indeed.

Yeah, the USA PATRIOT act scares the shit out of me, four-year review or no. When only one senator can bring her or himself to speak out against ANY bill, there is something seriously wrong with it.

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