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I'm working from home today, as my sister was so kind to bring files home for me. It's all good, I suppose, so my desk isn't a mountain of work that needed to be done yesterday when I get back to work Monday. This also affords me something I can never do at work - chat and blog while I type away. It's sort of strange, though. In one window, there is the decision I am typing relegating some drunk driver/cocaine dealer to a long stretch of prison issue jumpsuits, and in the other window, there is my AIM chat in which I am extoling the virtues of being high on drug store medication.

I've been spending a lot of my sick time at home flipping through the myriad of cable channels I now have. So, my good/bad list about digital cable and daytime tv:

good: animated movies with monkeys looking for love

bad: Lorenzo Lamas movies

good: Post apocalyptic movies

bad: Post apocalyptic movies

good: Eddie Izzard

bad: Michael Madsen movies

worse: Michael Madsen and Eric Roberts in the same movie

Of course, there is also the parade of endless cartoons, strangely addicting infomercials, public access fiascos and creepy children's programming when the movie selection gets too boring. Which reminds me, I think Darkwing Duck is going on now.


Don't forget those infernal DIY/home improvement shows. They suck you in every time. HGTV is a tool of Satan.

Six post apocalyptic movies in only a few days? Are they psyching you up for something in the States?

If they show Akira, get the next flight to London, we'll look after you. Bring the kids. Yes, all of them.

Isn't Micheal Madsen in Resivoir Dogs?....and isn't Resivoir Dogs one of the greatest movies ever? Yes, I thought so :-D

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