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first day with new camera

first day with new camera

I finally got my scanner to work, and you are now being subjected to the products of my first day with new camera. These pics are mostly experiments in lighting, close ups, etc., as it has been a long time since I've owned a manual focus camera. I've taken 5 rolls since these, and you will be forced to view all my attempts to be artsy.


last leaf







I promise the pictures will get better as I go along. But I am so enjoying taking them, and isn't that what matters? No? Damn.


Pretty good shots! I particularly like blue and stumps... I've recently gone from film to digital though and I am rediscovering the fun of photography and the art of digital manipulation (Photoshop is fun)! Look forward to seeing more of your shots...

you have a really good eye for pictures, Michele.

Dang, Michele. Those are lovely. The leaves against the blue is probably my favorite. Can't wait for more.

And you said writing was the only thing you were good at...

(nudges Pixie)

You've got competition dear.

They are all lovely. "Blue" has to be my favorite. That would make a lovely wallpaper. And yes, Michele, enjoying photography is what really matters. At least that's how I feel about it. Being good at it (which you obviously are) is just an extra perk. ;)

Thanks for sharing your work with your new camera. Chalk up another vote for "blue" as a big win, though "angels" caught my eye as well... imagine that. ;-) Looking forward to seeing more soon.

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