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liquid dreams

liquid dreams

I've got liquid! I went to the pharmacist today and explained to him, rather red-faced, about my swallowing predicament. He prescribed for me something called Brometame DX, which has made me feel drowsy and relieved some of the sinus pressure in my head. I still feel like crap on a stick, and I made an appointment to have the x-rays tomorrow because this not being able to breathe thing is wearing a little thin.

So I spent most of the day on the couch, alternating between reading, watching tv, and having bizarre dreams. Good thing about tv today: Six String Samurai. Bad thing: Some movie where Shannon Tweed saves the world from terrorists. Or maybe that was the bizarre dream.


Damn girl, I hope you feel better soon, it makes me feel terrible just hearing about all you got goin' on, and I'm sick enough as it is. Now if you are going to start dreaming about Shannon Tweed, we'll need to up the voltage...oops, I mean dosage.

I hope you feel better Chele!

And Shannon Tweed? Yikes


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