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I swear this is the last post about being sick

I swear this is the last post about being sick

I discovered today there is not one doctor on Long Island that is taking new patients. I finally relented and called the old quack. Which turned out ok, because I saw his younger, smarter partner who, it turns out, I went to high school with. He was quick, efficient and competent and didn't yell at me for not coming to the doctor since 98.

Final verdict: sinus infection and asthmatic bronchitis. He thinks I may also have pneumonia but the ridiculous regulations of my insurance provider (Aetna U.S. Health Care) provide that I can only get x-rays on a re-visit. They want you to try out some antibiotics first, and if you don't feel good in a couple of days, then they will pay for x-rays. Go figure.

So, the good Dr. gave me a nebulizer treatment in the office and prescribed some potent antibiotic that tastes like chalk (remember, I can't swallow pills). However, the other stuff he prescribed, some huge blue pills and white pill to be taken alternately, are going to be a problem getting down. He also recommended I not be doing anything that requires staying awake when I take the white pills, and suggested that I not go to work the rest of the week. The hell with that. There is no way I can stay home all week. I'll take off tomorrow and see what happens.

Meanwhile, I will try to get back on here tonight and post something interesting and worthwhile, instead of this "Boo hoo I'm sick" drivel. As a matter of fact, I apologize for the whole last week of posting which, in retrospect, has been simply awful. I owe you.


Get well!!! Ironically I have nearly no gag reflex at all, but I feel for you with the pills.

I have serious pill-swallowing problems myself - even those little tiny birth-control pills were well-night impossible.

I'll share my secret with you: butter.

Keep a little pot of butter especially for this purpose. Every time you have to take a pill, make a nice cup of hot tea or coffee (hot liquids help dispose of the flavor faster, I find), dig a good pea-sized or larger chunk of butter out of your pot and smear it liberally all over the pill. Tilt your head back, throw the pill the the back of your mouth and quickly chase it with the hot drink until it's gone.

It works.

The throwing-a-buttered-pill-to-the-back-of-the-mouth thing was actually picked up from giving pills to cats - hey, it gets the job done!

You goomer. remember, we're the pathetic ones that hound you for shreds of your exciting life. You're not obligated to anyone except yourself, and your kids, and to Justin.

And maybe to me, some days. ;-)So, don't worry about posting.

And Jill, what a wasted talent on a lesbian!!! And here's me with my overactive gag reflex (but pills are fine, oddly enuf....) ... wanna trade?

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