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People I want to kill, volume 2; Scott Stapp

People I want to kill, volume 2; Scott Stapp

Ok, one more thing before I go. I have been meaning to talk about this since Thanksgiving.

Did anyone see the halftime special featuring Creed? Can someone please explain to me what the hell that was supposed to be? Ninjas? People dressed in all white wearing satellite dishes around their necks? Of course there was the requisite high school choir and grade school kids singing off key, but I did not get what that interpretive dancing was all about. And is it me or did Scott Stapp look constipated? Honestly, I can't stand that smug little fucker. Every time I look at him I want to punch him straight in the mouth and wipe that self-important look from his face. So, if anyone can interpret for me what exactly the underlying meaning in that halftime show was, I will be indebted to you. It's boggling my mind.

There, I knew I had some kind of Monday morning rant in me.


I saw Creed on its recent "Saturday Night Live" appearance, and it sounds to me like they've recycled their last album. For the worse.

They're flaming hypocrites to boot. They claim they're just rockers (hah!) and not God-squadders but the religious imagery in both their music and videos is choking. I'd give good money to have a hidden camera backstage when the groupies sashay back...we'd get to see just how many commandments they're breaking.

Yeah, I didn't get that at all either. I mean, the guys doing iron crosses from those ribbons weren't unimpressive, I just don't know what they had to do with anything. It put me in mind of that "Tapestry of Magic" superbowl halftime show a few years ago featuring Eddie James Olmos. But Eddie is at least sort of cool.

You guys are obviously losers. Get a life.

Loser: person who leaves a nasty comment but doesn't leave his name or email address.


I'm a gorgeous rocker! Love me!

Scott is awesome, Creed is awesome. Their concerts blow any other concerts I have ever been to out of the water. I would drive hours to see them any chance I could get. He is a devoted father and a person who appreciates his fans and still remembers the person he was before he became a HUGE star. I love everything about Creed and Scott is HOT! Most people are jealous of someone that damn good looking so it's no suprise, but I think you should find something more useful with all of the time you have on your hands. Anyone who leaves pathetic little cowardly notes like that needs some help. You know they have counslers that will charge on a "pay by what you make" basis??? Just something ELSE to think about for a change.


Creed SUCks Ass

LInkin ParK Forever!!!

Die Communist !!1