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the misery of monday

the misery of monday

It occurred to me at about 3am, as I lay in bed with a raging fever and hacking cough, that perhaps a visit to a doctor is in order. I've had this thing for almost a week now, and it shows no signs of letting up. During the day, I don't give it much thought. It's a cold, right? It will go away on its own. But at night, when all your monsters are bigger and darker, things seem different. I lay in bed and think worst case scenarios. Double pneumonia, inhilation anthrax, or that illness that Jim Henson died from.

The thing is, I am not a doctor-friendly person. As a matter of fact, I don't even have a doctor. I ditched mine about 5 years ago when he diagnosed me with and treated me for Lyme Disease, which it turns out I did not have. After several days of intensive treatment, including anabolic steroids, my kids' pediatrician realized that I had an adult version of Fifth Disease, gave me some antibiotics, and told me my doctor was a quack. I have not been to a doctor since.

I have insurance, that's not the problem. I just hate doctors. So I sit here this morning, sicker than I've been since high school, and I am debating whether to ride it out another day or just go to one of those Doctor's Office Centers that are on just about every corner here. And I have to go to work today. There is way too much piled on my desk as it is.

I know, I know, how exciting this is for you to read this on a Monday morning, when you are looking for my usual rants at the world. When you have come here looking for me to say that the power our government has is at a frightening level, that we are creating our own future nightmares, that our enemies always lie within, and hmmm, interesting, two people who lived within blocks of me died from West Nile Virus last week. Oh, and we watched Episode 1 on Fox last night, mainly to pick it apart, and I've come to the conclusion that George Lucas must die.

Oh, the one good thing about this cold? Chris gets his Christmas present a bit early. I had no choice but to stop smoking.

Enjoy your Monday in the only way you can; act oblivious.


wow holy fuck you seem to be in a chipper mood this morning!

I had to come out of the woodwork to say that. (though yes I agree Scott Stap needs a beat down)

YYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!!! Take that, big tobacco! Ye won't get yuir filthy claws into this one!

...God, I sound like a TRUTH commercial. End me. Seriously, though, I'm quite happy about this. Thank you and congratulations.

You can't do that! One of the basic household rules we share is that there will be no watching of Episode 1. None. Not TV, DVD, or 8mm film. Icky.

I thought I had Lyme Disease once too Michele. Turned out to be a minor strain of Pink Grapefruit Syndrome and totally treatable with antibiotics.