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get me off of this crazy couch....

get me off of this crazy couch....

Yes, I am still sick. I get sick quite often, just little colds here and there, which is a hazard of having school-age children. They seem to bring home every germ known and unknown to man. This time the cold just won't let go, and has settled in both my head and chest. I've taken every over-the-counter medication in every color, for every symptom. Still, I linger somewhere between death and misery.

Ok, it's not that bad. I sounded like a guy for a minute there. Yea, you know what I'm talking about. The female species has the ability to be deathbed sick and still manage to go to work, clean the house and cook dinner. The male gets sick, and I mean one little sniffle, and his whole world has come tumbling down. He can't move off the couch, let alone get his own orange juice. He moans all day long, so much so that you almost call a priest in for last rights. And this is just with the common cold. When he has something like the flu, you need to call in an exorcist. Come on, fess up. You know it's true.

So while I did spend most of yesterday in and out of sleep on the couch, I still managed to get the laundry done and change the frog tanks during my breaks from NyQuil incduced unconciousness. But when I was sleeping, I had bizarre dreams. Of course, falling asleep while The Learning Channel is showing something on Easter Island and lost civilizations will cause the announcer's voice to seep into your brain and into your dream-state, where you will dream about feathered serpents and intricately designed wooden ships and some bizarre sort of virgin sacrifice ritual.

Anyhow, I am vowing to get outdoors today and do some experimenting with my new camera. Hopefully I will get some pictures developed and scanned today.


The human race has been fascinated by sharks for as long as I can
remember. Just like the bluebird feeding its young, or the spider
struggling to weave its perfect web, or the buttercup blooming in
spring, the shark reveals to us yet another of the infinite and
wonderful facets of nature, namely the facet that it can bite your head
off. This causes us humans to feel a certain degree of awe.
-- Dave Barry, The Wonders of Sharks on TV
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