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alternative christmas, volume 2

alternative christmas, volume 2

I started making my list of songs for possible inclusion in this year's alternative Christmas songs cd. This is what I've come up with so far. I've included alternate versions of Christmas classics as well as offbeat seasonal songs. Feel free to add your own suggestions, and I'll post when I finalize the cd. Copies will be made available for anyone who wants one.

  • Frosty The Snowman - Cocteau Twins

  • Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight) - The Ramones

  • Santa Claus - Throwing Muses

  • One Christmas Catalogue - Captain Sensible

  • Shouldn't Have Given Him A Gun For Christmas - Wall Of Voodoo

  • Santa's Beard - They Might Be Giants

  • Year Without A Santa Claus: Heat Miser

  • Fuck Christmas - Fear

  • There Ain't No Sanity Claus - The Damned

  • Homo Christmas - Pansy Division

  • Here Comes Santa's Pussy - The Frogs

  • White Christmas - Stiff Little Fingers

  • King Diamond- No Presents For Christmas

  • Christmas in Hollis - Run-D.M.C.

  • Dead By X-mas - Hanoi Rocks

  • Santa's Beard - They Might Be Giants

  • My First Xmas As A Woman - Vandals

  • Everclear - Hating You For Christmas

  • Snoop Doggy Dogg - Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto

  • Deftones/Far/Willhaven, et al - Do They Know It's Christmas

  • Zebrahead - I Hate Christmas

That's what I have so far. Too much medication this weekend has rendered my brain useless. I'm relying on you to come up with more.

note: please do not read anything into the inclusion of Hanoi Rocks


I'm putting up my own Twisted Christmas mp3s. I haven't been able to lay my hands on Asleep at the Wheel's "Christmas In Jail" or Spinal Tap's "Christmas With The Devil."

use vandals - a gun for christmas


You put Captain Sensible on the list. (One of my favourite Christmas songs, because I like to run around saying "Christmas, Christmas" in a weird hissy voice like they do in the background of that song. Lots of fun. :)

Santa Claus is smoking reefer - Squirrel Nut Zippers

put Christmastime by the one, the only, The Smashing Pumpkins on there, yo


oops, scratch that..i read from the bottom entries up..so i didn't see you had it on your redux...my bust..but put it on the cd! :-D

Erasure: She Won't Be Home
Tori Amos: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Alison Moyet: The Coventry Carol

That's my two cents :) GREAT site, btw!

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love the convept. doing my own. sad that some 1d107 has spammed your page with pr0n :(