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Whining will get you everywhere

Whining will get you everywhere

The only thing better than a boyfriend who knows exactly what you want for Christmas is a boyfriend who gives you that Christmas present early because he knows how badly you want it.

So after my episode of crying and whining yesterday that my point-and-shoot camera just wasn't working right and how I miss having autofocus and how all I want is a zoom and macro lens, I woke up to find a box, neatly wrapped, on the table this morning. And inside that box was my Christmas present, which was this:

not pronounced 'cutey'

The point is not whether he gave it to me early to shut me up or because he genuinely felt sorry for me and my broken camera, the point is that he got me the exact thing I wanted without my ever really articulating that it was exactly what I wanted. Follow? Good.

Expect lots and lots of pictures in the near future. I am going out to play with my new toy.


QTsi? Is that pronounced "cutesy"?

Here I am feeling like I got a good camera, and now I feel all cutesy. Maybe I should put some smiley face decals on it?

Actually, upon further investigation, it appears that the name is part of a larger series, and thus not deliberately named with a model number which can be pronounced in a deprecating manner. But this would also seem to indicate that no one in the Minolta marketing department was awake the day the name was decided on. It looks like an awesome camera, though. Much enjoyment, and let us see pictures soon!

ooh. very good boyfriend.

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