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reasons to be absurdly thankful

Reasons to be thankful, part 3

I suppose I could go with the maudlin, sappy Thanksgiving post thing, and state here all of the things I am thankful for. I could pour out my heart and spend a few moments telling you how thankful I am for my family and friends and for a good job and a warm home and a decent life in general. But, nah. So instead, I bring you:

I like lists. Lists are fun. So in between making 3 lbs of rigatoni a la vodka and forcing the kids to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade (because a tradition is a tradition, whether it sucks or not), I'm going to compile a list of weblogging thanks, some of which are seriously overdue.

Remember kids, don't eat breakfast. Save yourself. And repeat after me: The Packers will NOT lose to an 0-9 team today. They will NOT lose.....


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