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Blogging Under the Influence

Blogging Under the Influence

I am not a good medicine person. First of all, I can't swallow pills, so everything either has to be in liquid form or something I can chew. I've grown pretty accustomed to the taste of Excedrin migraine ground between my teeth. I also have this problem with reacting to over the counter medicines. We won't even get into the time I took my son's Ventolin and almost had a heart attack. I have to be careful with the basic stuff: I can do some forms of Triaminic, but I cannot take any form of Robotussin. I have major anxiety attacks about 3 minutes after I take it.

So here I am, feeling miserable and sickly. I need something. We have children's Triaminic, grape flavor. Ok, I think. I can do that. I read the directions and it says 2 tablespoons for kids up to 12 years old. So I take 4. Or 5. Something like that. Then I think, well the Triaminic may make my throat feel better, but it will probably get me wired and I won't be able to sleep. So I'll take some NyQuil. I swig it straight from the bottle.

So here I am, reeling from a cocktail of Triaminic and NyQuil, trying to keep my eyes open and my hands still. And trying to make a point to this blog.

I shall go now and sleep the sleep of the drugged. Expect weird dream stories tomorrow.


I can't swallow pills, either. Gag reflex from hell. My dentist loves me. (And yeah, LOTS of guys want to date me NOW... ;-D)

I can't swallow pills either, although I've been practising and as long as its somewhat small--an aspirin, I can do the jump and gulp furiously dance and choke it down.

But I have to eat kid's vitamins because there's no way I can swallow the horse pill that a regular full vitamin is.

I hope you feel better soon, girl. Sucks to be sick on or near Thanksgiving.

hah! i cant swallow pills either....im almost 16, when i tell my friends i have so much trouble they give me a weird look. if it dissolves a bit in my mouth first, then i can swallow (after many tries!) i thought i was alone on this! glad there's others like me :)
although im positive i will NEVER be able to swallow those huge horse pills......

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