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sharing the misery

sharing the misery

I am one miserable fucker today. Got this chest cold thing going on, lots of coughing and wheezing and general inertia. Nothing like a post nasal drip added to the equation to make you feel like vomiting every five minutes.

All I can muster tonight is another silly online quiz result. But how much does this rule? Huh?

optimusprime (18k image)
take the autobot personality test

Optimus fucking Prime. Yea, that's me.

More NyQuil, please.


Blogging drunk has nothing on blogging on NyQuil.

I'm Blue Streak. Though I am depressed that yes, I do actually remember that character, I'm no longer convinced that these tests are scientifically accurate.

Try to feel better miserable fucker.

I am Optimus Prime as well. I guess we just kick ass. This is deffinately better than being Syphillis.

Prowl... cause I'm geeky and suchlike... supposedly. I demand a recount, I want to be Hot Rod!

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