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our country tis of idiocy

our country tis of idiocy

A damp, Tuesday morning. My back still hurts, I had bizarre, frightening dreams last night, and work is going to be a bit somber today. I just feel the dreariness seeping into my brain already and its only 5am. Obituary for Judge Hart.

So here's an interesting thought. The U.S. has dropped tons of leaflets on Afghanistan, offering a 25 million dollar reward for the capture of bin Laden. They are hoping that Afghans crawl into the tunnels and caves to look for him. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld also announced that the bombing campaign is targeting the very same caves and tunnels and closing them up. So effectively, it works like this.

Rumsfeld: "Hey, you Afghans over there! I'll give you 25 million dollars if you go crawl through that cave and bring out bin Laden!"

Afghans: "Hell, yes!" Afghan goes into cave. U.S. bombs cave.

Rumsfeld: "Ha! Ha! Sucker!!"

The minds behind this war scare me more every day.

And of course, what would a scary world leader be without a scary woman behind him? Laura Bush chose this year's White House Christmas theme (Who knew that Christmas needed a theme?) as "Home for the Holidays" and I'm sure that the families of all those who are off bombing and scouring caves and whatnot in Afghanistan really connect with that theme. And note that the official White House Christmas card has a religious sentiment to it. If it's officially from the White House shouldn't it be a holiday card that doesn't contain the word "Lord" in it? Just a thought.

Can you have a midlife crisis at 61? My father came home yesterday with a Mercedes Convertible. In teal. I just raised my eyebrow at him and then he laughed me when I asked if I could take it for a drive. My mother questioned his judgment, and I told her, "hey, at least it's a 3 year old car. It could have been a 20 year old blonde." To which my mother replied, "He made the wrong choice. The car isn't going to go down on him."

So basically, it's Tuesday, I'm going to work, I have a family thing tonight which all adds up to going back to my promise of only 1 or 2 posts during the week. I'm sure I'll find the time to fit one in tonight. Enjoy your day. Smoke more. Eat more chocolate. Drink heavily. Cover your ears when the news comes on. My advice for today.


Your mom kicks ass.

Smoke more... but not in front of your mother.

If you think the White House having an official song is nuts..last night I saw a commercial for a Lynyrd Skynyrd Christmas album...with special guests .38 Special and the Charlie Daniels Band...

I expect the Charlie Daniels Band song to go something like this;

"The Devil went down to Georgia and he was looking for some kids. To give to them some presents and to spread some christmas cheer"

The world can now officially end.

I told her, "hey, at least it's a 3 year old car. It could have been a 20 year old blonde." To which my mother replied, "He made the wrong choice. The car isn't going to go down on him."


Woo hoo!

I just laughed so hard the cats leapt up and ran from the room.

Snort. Snicker. Your mom so rocks.

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