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George wants his MTV

George wants his MTV

It's bad enough getting caught lip syncing to Culture Club's "Miss Me Blind," but to get caught on the cam dancing to Cameo's "Word Up" is something one never lives down.

On the subject of bad music, our nation's think tank have once again come up with a winner. In order to give the Arab world a better perception of Americans, they want to have MTV broadcast in Arab countries.

How many things are wrong with? Shall we count the ways?

Is the image of Britney Spears cavorting around half naked with men licking her the image we really want to send? What about Fred Durst whining like a little child in every video? Mariah Carey? Are these the people we want to be the ambassadors of the American image? Is Carson Daily really the best representative of an American male? If they were looking for a reason to hate us, giving them their MTV is all it will take.

And please don't tell me that they are trying to reach Arabic young people through MTV's news and current events programs. That's like offering The Enquirer to people who want The New York Times.

What is going on with our country's government when they have in recent months resorted to Joel Schumacher, the general public and MTV in their efforts to fight terrorism? My sense of disbelief grows along with my trust.


it's called torture....it's the new america.

If they think that's bad, wait until they see what computer imagery can do for a coked-out, emaciated Whitney Houston on Michael Jackson's tribute special. For that matter, wait until they see Michael. I'm not sure we're really winning over here....

Argh. No. No MTV.

Bad bad bad bad bad bad idea.

Besides, if Canada resents "American content" enough that they have laws about playing Canadian content at least every fifth song or so, and they're our buddies, think how badly the Arab nations might take that kind of pushing of our culture on them.

BTW, the link goes to a Jjill catalog.

That's what I get for shopping and blogging at the same time.