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another good-bye

another good-bye

I just got a phone call I have been dreading for some time. One of the Judges I worked with died last night. He had cancer and had been in out of remission for some time. He fought it well. Everytime he took a leave and we thought he wouldn't be coming back, he surprised by showing up at work, full of his usual good humor. I hate to sound cliche, but he was brave and strong throughout his fight. He was a hell of a nice man, and a good, fair judge, probably my favorite out of all the Judges I have worked with so far.

Judge Hart was 49 years old. He was a surfer, a traveler, a man full of life and vigor and a love for the outdoors. He would stop in my office in the morning and we would talk about news and music. We traded cds often, and last I saw him I had given him a Portishead cd, because he was looking for some music to lose himself in at night. When I think of him, it will be of those moments, when he was laughing and looking healthy, and not of those days when he looked worn and sickly.

I am just one of hundreds of people who will miss him dearly.


I'm sorry, Michele. He sounds like he was a wonderful man...