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questions, this time with answers

questions, this time with answers

Q: Why does this Monday suck more than any other?

A: Because I slipped on a spot on the kitchen floor and hurt my back bad enough to warrant calling in sick.

Q: Why was there a slippery spot on the kitchen floor?

A: Because last night, Justin was attempting to make crabby patty burgers in his attempt to play some odd sort of Sponge Bob Square Pants roleplaying thing with the kids and he dropped the mayo on the floor.

Q: Didn't he clean it up?

A: Apparently, not good enough.

Q: How sorry will he be that he didn't clean it up all the way?

A: I'll let you know after I spend most of the day on the couch, forcing him to obey my every whimsy and command.

Q: Does this mean there will be more than the previously threatened "one post per weekday" today?

A: Why, yes. Yes it does.


And the monday morning bad spelling rule applies?

And I plead the monday morning bad spelling rule every day from now until I quit blogging in a fit of attention-grabbing glory. (not a dig at you finding a real life, promise)

Ok, just one thing. Sponge Bob Square Pants???


he's cute.he's a sponge. he lives underwater.

My children have ruined me.

I gotta go with Samurai Jack on Cartoon Network. That dude is one bad mo-fo.

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