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questions for a monday morning

questions for a monday morning

Why am I always so suprised when I wake up and it's Monday? Do I really expect my fantasy of a life full of nothing but weekends to come true? And why does Monday always start out with me waking up way too late? And being low on energy? And sensing a bad hair day? And why isn't there any more coffee in the cabinet? Where the hell did it go? Did you take it? Do I have a lunch date for today? Am I supposed to be meeting someone, somewhere at sometime? Did I ask off for Friday? Where are my black pants? Who put a tissue in the laundry? Why is the window open when the heat is on? Why oh why did I watch any bit of that Britney Spears strip show last night? Is there an antidote? Why does my lower back hurt so much today? Is this going to be one of those typical Mondays? Did I forget to send in my car payment? Why am I sitting here blogging when the shower is runnning and the clock is ticking? Why must Monday mock me like this? Why won't it leave me alone?

Stay tuned for evasive answers to these questions and lots of fist-shaking, road-raging, truck-driver-mouth, very- little-patience-for-idiots, Monday type stories.

What, I made a couple of nice posts this weekend and you expect a full change in personality? Please, you know me better than that.


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