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me, myself and meteors

me, myself and meteors

I got up at 3:45, grabbed a blanket and coffee and headed outside. Nature did not disappoint. Within one minute of getting myself settled in the lounge chair, I was greeted by three comets trailing across the sky.

I know from being a way-too-early riser that between 4 and 5 am during the fall months is a great time for stargazing. The sky at the hour seems clearer, looks more wide open. I can see stars that at night-time are faded by a neon lit suburbia. I used to get up to watch the sunrise. Now, I get up to stare in wonder at the pictures the stars make across the sky in the early morning hours.

This was the perfect time for a meteor shower, then. I had anticipated past meteor showers but was always hampered by bad weather or a lousy show. Not this time. I saw at least one meteor a minute, sometimes 3 or 4. They came from every direction, shooting by the stars, leaving brief trails of brilliance behind them. It was really a site to behold, a moment taken from a science fiction movie and transposed to my backyard. I stayed out for about 45 minutes, until my hands were numb from the cold. All told, I saw well over 100 meteors streak by me, and for a little while, there was nothing in the world but me, the sky and nature putting on a brilliant show.


Iím glad you got to see it in NY. We couldnít see it. I woke up at 4am with all my neighbors [we all planned to go to a nearby park together]. The fog was so thick we couldnít even see our own cars. Itís 11:30 and it still hasnít lifted.

Hey, we're both on no internet at work now!

We should form a support group - we could start up a collaborative blog - oh damn.


lucky beotch - we gotta major storm going down = no sky for us!

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