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love letters

love letters

Take a few moments to participate in Joceyln's Love Letter Project. A few moments taken to tell someone how you feel is a good exercise everyone should take up, and often.

When Justin and I lived in different states, we wrote love letters to each other almost daily. I used to stand outside in the dead of winter, waiting for the mailman to come down the block. I spent hours writing my own letters, pouring out my heart in a way that is not possible on the phone or in email. Handwritten letters that come in an envelope with little notes scribbled on the back can send one's heart soaring.

I have read these letters over and over in the past three years, so much so that I can recite each letter he wrote me by heart. Looking over his words can make me recall the exact feel of the moment when I first read each one, the emotion I felt, the circumstances surrounding each word, the distance between us that miraculously closed up each time I read them. Sometimes the letters came in small packages, sent with mix tapes or personal effects meant to keep us close together while we were apart.

The envelopes that came from him contained not just words; there were tears, promises, hope and even sadness enclosed within. Declarations of love and forever that cause me to cry even now, 9 days away from the 3rd anniversary of the day we first met, and almost three years from when I received my first handwritten letter from him.

You never forget the first moments of love. But love letters, as corny and overwraught as they can sometimes be, can bring back every heady emotion you felt after that first kiss.

It is as good for your heart to write love letters as it is to receive them.

What are you waiting for?


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