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war nerve

war nerve

It's Saturday and the kids aren't home so I will allow myself to post as much as my brain desires today. I'll probably be at this desk all day anyhow, finally starting my Christmas shopping and working on a project.

Now that the "war" is turning into a hostile takeover, I'm left wondering what happens next. The Northern Alliance seems to be getting a bit pushy, and it will be interesting to see how they institute a new government. Who is going to rule? Who will make the laws? How different will it be there? I think it's going to be a difficult task to get all the factions together to make one cohesive ruling government.

Meanwhile, back in the good old U.S. of A., I think our fearless leaders are losing sight of what we are fighting for. Isn't democracy and the Bill of Rights right up there in important factors to consider when waging a war against terrorism? So why does this military tribunal reek of everything but? Perhaps public executions of offenders, maybe a bit of stone-throwing, will follow shortly? This tribunal smacks of everything we have spent years crying out against in other countries. Secret court sessions held on military ships sounds a bit too chilling to me. Yes, the people they would eventually try are terrorists who caused death and destruction in America. But what's to stop the government from applying it to other situations? To suddenly stretching the limits of who can be tried in these tribunals? With talk of national ID cards added to the mix, the civil liberties we were so afraid of losing after September 11th may still be lost, at the hands and minds of our own leaders.


I was already opposed to the idea of National ID cards. Now that I know that soulless android mega-billionaire Larry Ellison supports it I'll fight it to the bitter end. The very fucking gall of the man to be so enthusiastic to help erode the freedoms of everyone in this country in a way that won't touch himself and his lucre-ridden ilk one whit. Fucker sounds like he's angling for a career in politics or something.

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