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finally friday

finally friday

This having a life thing is working out well for the most part. Though last night my life consisted of falling asleep on the couch at 9:30, but it was after having dinner out with seven kids so I guess that's excusable.

And we all know what today is, right? It's Harry Potter day for me. DJ spilled the beans and told his teacher why he wouldn't be in school today, but when I saw her at open house yesterday she thought it was wonderful that I was taking him out of school to go to a movie. I question that, but anyway...I will be sure to have a review up as soon as we get home. If it's anything less than stellar I'm going to be upset.

So I want to relate to you this incident yesterday that prompted me to try to quit smoking again. It has nothing to do with the fact that yesterday was National Smokeout Day. It has to do with absurdity.

I don't smoke in the house, for various and obvious reasons. Besides the fact that it just stinks up the house, my kids do not know I have started smoking again. I don't want them to know this. They bring home their little pamphlets from the school's Drug Free the Way to be week, and it lists nicotine as a drug. It also lists caffeine as a drug, believe it or not, so they already think their mother is a drug addict. If they saw me smoking they would probably call 911. So the point is, I have to hide from them.

I go outside to smoke. I usually go around to the side of the house, or stand in the driveway. This is ok at night, when I can camaflouge myself agains the darkness. But during the day, I have to be careful. You see, my mother would kill me if she knew I started smoking again. And she lives across the street from me.

So there I am, yesterday, 39 years old and hiding behind the garage like a junior high school girl, sneaking a cigarette. I keep thinking to myself how ridiculous it is. Sitting on an empty milk carton, looking around the corner of the garage, getting nervous at the sound of footsteps. How old am I again?

Besides all that, it's getting cold out. It's getting to the point where it's just not worth going outside for a cigarette if I have to freeze my ass off to do it. So yea, I'm going to quit smoking again. As soon as I'm done with this pack.....


You're lucky your mother doesn't read your blog. I have to censor myself in case I mention anything too "un-motherly".

Funny thing isn't it, hiding smoking from your parents and your kids. For a while my wife and I both smoked, but hid it from the kids. We'd sneak outside for a smoke and it was a sweet 10 minutes together, 10 minutes of peace and getting away with something. Then she quit then I did, and I missed those little getaways.

Then one month and a few days ago I started up again, but limited it to mooching smokes from colleagues at work. I had one at home a week or two ago and my daughter caught me and busted my chops over it. She was really disappointed in me, after I'd promised her I'd quit and all. So now here I am, planning to quit for Ramadan.

As soon as this pack's empty.

Haha, it cracks me up that you're running around hiding it from everyone! LOL

Good luck quitting, Michele.

when my sister and i came home from school (about 4th or 5th grade) and told our mom about the evils of smoking, and she agreed to quit, and my sister and i got to crush up all the cigarettes she had and flush everything down the toilet - that was a great day!

if quitting for yourself doesn't do it, consider this: my mother never smoked in the house either, and i don't ever remember smelling smoke on her, but i have asthma, and the doctors say it is due to second-hand smoke, from my mother. so do it for your kids health!!!


Ugh Dave’s right. My entire family reads my blog. [shudders]

You must feel like you’re in some ABC After School Special sneaking the cancer sticks like that. You’re Michele, the bad girl who taught everyone how to French inhale and kiss boys.

Good luck on quitting, Michele. I'll have the same thoughts in two months when I'm going outside to face -15 degrees and 30mph winds to have my smoke.

That's inhale and french kiss the boys, Dave.

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