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deck the halls with cries of war

deck the halls with cries of war

So, yesterday was Tuesday but like a Monday because of the holiday and now today is Wednesday but like a Thursday because I'm off Friday. I've gone from feeling like Monday to feeling like Thursday in 24 hours. Not bad.

I finally started Christmas shopping yesterday. I did all my shopping online last year and I never did get into the Christmas spirit. So I figured I this year I should get out to a store at least once a week just to feel the love and kindness that permeate the air during this season. Yesterday's tally: two arguments in the parking lot; one shopping cart shoved into my back by a little kid in the toy aisle; 3 rude salespeople; one very long line at the cash register. I guess it's back to Amazon for me.

I woke up today thinking about this war. Everyone is so optimistic now that the Northern Alliance seems to be kicking ass and taking names. So why do I feel so wary about all of this. I'm not going to repeat verbatim what photodude said, but it pretty much sums up how I feel. It all looks too easy, too scripted, too much like something is just not right. And yay for the Northern Alliance and all, but I think this is the point where you will start to see a lot of bloodshed and gruesome deaths. They've waited how long to stick their knives into the heart of the Taliban? Do you think they are going to do it quietly, quickly and efficiently? No. They want not just victory, but revenge.

Does it seem odd to anyone else that George announces a cut back in nuclear weapons while we are in the midst of a war?

Notes to self: 7 posts a day: bad. 2 posts a day: good. Find 12 step program for blogaholics.


Isn't step 3 always to list the symptoms of your addiction?

You know who's good at making lists? Bazima

So is today the day after yesterday or is it a week from last Thursday? Oh dear, I've gone cross eyed.

I know what you mean about the war, I've stopped believing anything I'm told on the news. There is no way that this war is going to be wrapped up tightly in a little bow before the end of the month. And speaking of gruesome revenge, I believe the Northern Alliance may have executed a group of new Taliban converts - teenagers I hear - who were hiding in an attempt to escape the zeal for revenge that is permeating Kabul now. Sounds like the U.S., as they've done so beautifully over the past 75 years, have picked their allies well.

Ah we’ll have the whole thing tied up neat as a pin just in time for Baby Jesus’ arrival. Santa Megalopolis Inc. wouldn’t have it any other way.

The whole war was scripted by those Hollywood moguls back in late September. Remember that? The government needed tips on how to have a nice, tidy Harry Potter ending to make us feel good for the holidays and spend, spend, spend. It’s what Christmas is all about.

Sure, this has nothing to do with what you're talking about, but look how pretty Google looks today!! I'm so easily amused when they mix it up over there!

The intelligence report on Stratfor today sums it up pretty well. The Taliban withdrawal is not a retreat. They are intentionally pulling out to avoid a bad strategy in favor of one the favors them: guerilla warfare.