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life check

life check

I realized today that I spend more time on the computer than I do with my family. Time to take stock of priorities and rectify the situation.

My plate is full from now until early March. Holidays, family obligations, work, and a project for DJ's school that will eat up a whole lot of time and probably suck the life force from my soul.

Posting will be less frequent here until then. Still daily, maybe nightly, but not the 6 or 7 posts a day I've been accustomed to making.

Life rears its ugly head and roars at me. I must obey it.


You’ll be missed. I liked coming here 6 or 7 times a day.

Better to obey it then to have it get all sulky and slink off while you're not looking.

Though I too will miss coming here six or seven times a day.

I can't believe I've been coming here that many times during the day. Now what am I going to do? I know I left a life around here somewhere...now where did I put that...

Here Todd, you can have mine, comes with a massive TV, Cable and a girlfriend.

I'm gonna keep posting eight to twelve posts a day until the job runs out. Then we'll see.

Just don't go weekly on us!

I'll miss your rapier wit.

Were ever will I obtain daily caustic social observations now?


I can totally understand, but do come by and say hello. Also? I'm guessing that school-project website has your fingerprints on it because it's not REALLY REALLY BAD like that other school one you showed me, but the guestbook link isn't working. ;) Not that I was going to leave anything I shouldn't. I really wasn't.

It's not linking because only the main page is up so far. But when the guestbook is up, you should all go leave comments to scare the kids into reading. Rule by fear, I say.

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