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the frozen tundra

the frozen tundra

Dreamed about a store that sold nothing but doll parts in neat little packages, and the woman behind the counter was my dead grandmother. My mother was trying to sell me her kitchen chairs. We were picnicing on the back of a giant whale. And so on and so on.

Woke to an aching back and the sound of the oil burner running. Nothing unusual. Usually you hear it running for a few minutes and then it stops. But it didn't stop. I went to check it out, and saw the pressure needle hovering somewhere it shouldn't be. I turned the thing off from the main switch, after having fleeting visions of exploding metal and raging fire.

So now I have to call the oil burner guy. Except we don't have one of those regular guys with an office and a secretary or at least an answering service that you can call at any time. No, in this family, every service you need for your house is done through a friend of the family. So Charlie Oil Burner takes care of this stuff for us, because he used to be a real oil burner guy some years ago. Now he works for the town, removing traffic cones from construction sites. So I can't call Charlie at this ungodly hour, because if I do, his banshee of a wife will scream bloody hell. I have to wait until 7:00 and then call his beeper. He may or may not call back right away. And even if he does, he can't get here until at least 5, when his regular job is over.

It's 28 degrees outside. It's fucking cold in here. I have a 72 year old aunt living upstairs who just may turn into a popsicle before 5pm.

So, no. No point to this post. I just wanted to share.

You all have a nice warm, day now, ok? If you're looking for me, I'll be in front of the dishwasher, warming myself with the steam.


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