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media perspective

media perspective

For the third time today, and probably not the last, I just heard a media-type person announce in regards to the plane crash, that it could have been much worse. At least it didn't hit a school, they say. At least it only hit a couple of homes. This could have been a much bigger disaster, they repeat. I saw a local politician say "Thank God, this is all that happened. Think of what could have been."

Deep breath.

Since when does close to 300 people dying deserve a thank god? Has our idea of what constitutes a disaster become so distorted that a plane crash in a residential area resulting in the death of so many people comes across as not a big deal? Is every thing like this that happens going to be held up next to 9-11? Everything is going to pale in comparison to that date. It doesn't make what happened today any less of a tragedy. Before the members of the media decide to stand in front of their cameras and put things into perspective for us, they better realize just what that perspective is. A reporter standing in front of burning homes surrounded by pieces of a plane claiming that it wasn't that bad is not the perspective I want.

I'm not saying sensationalize it. All I'm saying is, thank god is not an appropriate reaction.


I hate to say it, but I think it will be this way from now on. American media has such a fascination with bigger, louder, faster, more deadly that 9-11 will forever be the benchmark.

Blech. Guess it's only God (if you believe in him/her/it/giantturtlethingy) that marks the fall of every sparrow, let alone 300 people. I can understand to a small extent how they feel--why they might want to say "Thank god it wasn't more" and I can understand wanting to be greatful that it wasn't worse....but that doesn't bring those people back. I just feel so bad for all those families waiting in the airport back on the DR. The worst thing that could happen to them has just occured and they have to see the rest of the world barely blink because it wasn't as big as September 11th.

let's see a plane crash into THEIR house while they're in it, and we'll how much God thanking will be going on...

the media is full of a buncha idiots... but... remember the crowd they're playing to... 95% of the US are idiots. i guess we should expect them to say stupid things...

Ever notice how the idiots of society never include the person doing the talking?

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