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movie math

movie math

Mathematical Movie Review(tm) of Monsters, Inc.:

(Toy Story - Toys) + Monsters - (1/2 entertainment value) x redundancy factor = 2 pointless hours.

All was not lost, however. I did get to see the trailer for Harry Potter, which made me anticipate the movie even more, if that's possible. Alan Rickman was the greatest casting move ever. In the meantime, you can read Tom's stellar review over at Plasticbag.

I also saw the trailer for Attack of the CrapClones. Yes,it looked thrilling and exciting, but so did the trailer for Episode 1, and we all know how that turned out. Judging from part of this trailer and the poster, Episode 2 appears to be a love story above all else. Pass.


I am less than excited about Attack of the Clones as well, but I have no rational ability to say that I'm not going to see it. George Lucas owns me. Hopefully he'll quit after Episode 3 so I can never worry about this again.

I hear you, Todd. No matter how much I protest and claim I'm not going to see it, I will. I'll be rooting for the dark side, though.

Ahhh, I saw Monsters Inc. though they did a decent job on the little girl. Also saw the teaser for Attack of the Clones... and am also a slave to George Lucas and will go see it and will walk out of the theater complaining and cursing under my breath about this or that or whatever thing gets screwed up in this episode... although the addition of Palpatine should prove mildly interesting crosses fingers hopefully

My fondest hope is that maybe Samuel L. Jackson will get medieval on some Sith ass. Would anyone notice if he quoted Ezekiel 25:17 in a galaxy far far away?

In the name of the Holy Trilogy and the the Unholy JarJar! Let this madness end with Episode 3: Return of the Striking Back Clone Menaces Fighting Star Wars.

I too, am a slave to Lucas, but I'm probably a bit more optimistic about ep II than you folks. I expect it to be a lot like Empire Strikes Back in that the characters will be developed, and that it'll be much darker. Plus, there's always the prospect of a mega huge Jedi fight, so that can't be all bad...

of course, the way to guarantee people to see this movie would be to show a clip of Jar Jar getting killed EARLY in the film, so that we know the film is tolerable...

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