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engine failure?

engine failure?

This is looking more and more like a very tragic case of engine failure. Apparently there are two crash sites, one where the engine fell and one where the plane crashed. Some witnesses are reporting hearing an explosion, some say it was if the sky had fallen. Either way, I am treating this like an "ordinary" crash until somebody makes me think otherwise.

Now they are talking about the possibility of birds flying into the engine.

Terrorism or not, plane crashes are always tragic. The fact that it's a residential area makes it doubly so. Far Rockaway, where the plane hit, is a town that was hit hard by the World Trade Center attacks. A large number of firefighters who died on 9-11 were from the Rockaways.

It's like the grieving never ends.


This aerospace engineer seems to think there's more than just a bird strike.

I could do it with a few pounds of explosives and an altitude timer. Doing it's not hard. Getting access is. /me shrugs

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