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media redux

Why I hate the media:

Paula Zahn on CNN to an eyewitness on the phone: "I know this is hard for you, but tell me about the fireball." And then, as the witness is crying on the phone, "You're very lucky. So tell me about the explosion."

The woman was in hysterics and Zahn was trying to dig some good descriptions out of her.

The plane crashed in a residential area. This has been a fear of mine since I was little. I dreamed about it often and it's probably where my fear of flying comes from. Living so close to the airport, where planes fly low enough to shake my house, has given me this sense of dread about airplanes. I fear them, I fear them crashing into my yard, yet I continuously stare at them when they fly overhead because as much as I fear planes, I am also in awe of them.


I know what you mean. We live less than four miles from Logan, and I've been cringing at every plane that flies by.

[hug] we're going to be okay.

You know Michele, that's exactly what I thought when I was listening to that eye-witness report. Sometimes you wish you could just kick some sense into the newshounds.

I completely understand. Our new house has the special distinction of being under 3 flight plans -- Tampa International, Tampa Executive, and MacDill AFB (home of Central Command). I'll never be able to look up the same way again...

i've always thought paula zahn to be one of the worst.

Did she ask the ineveitable stupid media question? "I know this is hard for you, but how are you feeling right now?" Sigh And everyone wonders why my journalism degree gathers dust in the closet...

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