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A plane has crashed in Queens. Apparently the plane crashed on takeoff from Kennedy, so it was loaded with fuel. They have closed all the bridges and tunnels going into and out of the city.

It's interesting to see how this is dealt with. This could be an ordinary plane crash, one caused by mechanical failure or such. But given recent events, the panic button has been hit.

Regardless, it still gives me a very leaden feeling in the pit of my stomach. The wisps of smoke I can see in the distance are bringing back very bad feelings.

I never thought I would say I hope there was a problem with the engine.


I hope it was engine trouble too. What is extra creepy is: A) It happened in New York again and B) It is two months and a day later 11/12.

Creepy in the extreme, and on the Veteran's Day holiday too. Deja-vu as I saw this on the news & rushed to the computer to check to see if my blog friends in NY were ok.

hi. i'm from queens. and i'm northwest of the rockaways, so i'm okay. just thought i'd reassure...whoever.

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