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What weekend? Where?

What weekend? Where?

I believe that Saturday is the only day that officially could be considered the weekend. Or at least the only day you can officially enjoy. Fridays don't count because you work most of the day. And I don't know about you, but come Friday night, I'm too tired to do anything exciting. Sundays are the dread day. It's the day you spend dreading the fact that Saturday was yesterday and tomorrow is Monday. You have to think about what's in store for you during the week, what you're wearing to work tomorrow and panic when you realized it's not a pay week. So basically, Saturday is the only day that you have free from morning until bedtime. Thus, the weekend consists of only one day. Fridays and Sundays belong as part of the general week.

Today is one of those Sundays that are allowed to be considered part of the weekend (There are exceptions to every rule, you know). Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, which means national holiday, which means no work, no school. One less morning that I have to make lunches and find lost shoes and get everyone in and out of the bathroom in half an hour. One less day I have to wear presentable looking clothing. So this Sunday is good. It's relaxing. And it will be mark the beginning of the end of my having a life outside this house.

Today the digital cable gets installed. Life is good. I am a pathetic excuse for a person, I know this. Once you admit to being addicted to television, you have this freedom to act like a complete geek and loser. People look at you and say "Oh don't mind her. She's a tv addict." And everyone nods their heads in acknowledgement. I'm free to sit on the couch and watch an endless parade of cartoons and quality movies and porn educational shows. Yes, today marks a new era in my television watching habits.

If you're looking for me, I'll be in front of the tv, changing the camera angle of the hockey game or watching ESPN Classic.


it still dont' excuse you from catching up on yr emails, beotch (spot the catholic guilt flying across the room)

I got an email from you on Friday that said a longer email was coming. I never got it.You owe ME, bitch.

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