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Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

Despite the fact that DJ stayed home from school today with a headache, I have decided that it will be well worth it to pull the kids out of school next Friday to go see Harry Potter. The only dissenting vote was from Trav, and I got him to give me his blessings.

I like having you all make my decisions for me. I am a notoriously bad decision maker. I tend to agonize over things for way too long. It takes me 2 hours of writing down pros and cons before I can decide what cereal I want for breakfast. Sometimes I just want Count Chocula to jump off the box and say "pick me!" thus ending the debate. I mean, who wouldn't choose a talking cereal box over the sedentary and mute Rice Krispies? Anyhow, I think from now on I will have you make all my decisions for me. Except for the X-Box thing. You guys are way too divided on that.


Heh. I sound evil.

Nah, they're gonna' have a really good time; it's cool. (Until, of course, they get to college, and get into the habit of never going to class. :)

Love ya', M!

Get the Gamecube, yo. X-box sucks. The system and controller are too big and Microsoft is evil. Plus, Gamecube has Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II on it which I know is more than enough reason for you to get it. I've played it and it rules. Even I, someone who is not exactly a huge Star Wars fan, loved the game.

Oh, and Gamecube is $100 cheaper too.

Happy Gamecube shopping. Hope you get a cool color :-D

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