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What's another 20 bucks a month?

What's another 20 bucks a month?

I used my lunch time to go over to The Wiz to pay my cable bill. That's all I wanted to do. Pay the bill that I forgot to mail last week. So I went to the counter, offered the man my check, and that's when I saw the sign. Digital Cable. Now Available. I figured I would just ask. My sister tried to steer me out of the store, knowing that I could never resist. But I stayed firm and listened to a sales pitch. I heard about all the extra movie channels. I heard about the extra Discovery Channels. I heard about 50 radio stations playing only what I want to hear. Better quality viewing. Better sound. HBO/Starz/Showtime/IFC on demand. So if I miss an episode of Oz, I can watch it the next morning. Coming in February, all the capabilities of TiVo. I was breathing heavy at this point, my couch potato instincts kickin in. My sister asked me if I was going to have an orgasm.

But I almost walked away. I almost said I would think about. And then she said the magic words. If you like sports, she said. I stopped. I listened. She showed me. I could change the angle of the camera. I could make my own instant replays. I could make my own closeups. I CAN WATCH A HOCKEY GAME FROM WHATEVER ANGLE I WANT! My sister knew I was lost then. Before I could let anyone talk me out of it, I was signing papers and agreeing to stay home all day Sunday so they could come hook me up. There were other things, like interactive MuchMusic and digital photos and I really don't need 12 more email addresses thank you, blah blah blah, at that point they would have said they need my first born son and my soul as payments and I would have signed.

I am a couch potato. I am a television addict. I am going to be broke.


if you are an addict, then we need to start up TWA (television watchers anonymous)- because I am right there with you. except, with this post, I guess it wouldn't be so anonymous... I am totally addicted, and I don't even try to deny it.

While I have digital cable and love it to pieces because it's brought me several channels to watch all the time, plus now I literally have almost 20 movie channels, there's still never anything on TV. I wish I could slice off part of the channel lineup in order to lower my bills, I don't need 16 different CNNs or 7 Home Shopping Networks or 4 Christian Ministry channels.

I fell hard for my sister's digital cable last month when I apartment-sat for her. Oh my it's a beautiful thing. I can't chide you at all.

I have digital cable, but I don't have those features... Someone please fill me in... Is this some kind of "special" digital cable thingy? (Couch potato jealousy kicking in)

yeah, but do you get porn channels as well?

awesome !

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