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Question of the day

Question of the day

I have a dilemna. See, my lovel children (and I say that without the slightest trace of facetiousness) go to their father's every weekend. From Friday at 6 until Sunday at 6 (Yes, it sucks but there was a reason for this at first, and that's another story for another day). So every time a good kids' movie comes out, he takes them to see it before I can. I either get sloppy seconds, meaning they fidget and fuss their way through a second viewing of a movie with me, or they don't even want to see it again and I miss out. Now, we all know Harry Potter opens next Friday. I think I may be more excited for this movie than the kids are. But I will be damned if I do not get to see this with them first. With the movie opening on a Friday, as always, this leaves me in a quandry. I think I have a solution so I can see it with them first but I don't know if it's the right one. So, I am leaving it up to you.

Today's poll:

Do I take my children out of school next Friday to go to the opening day of Harry Potter? Majority rules, so comment carefully.


YES!!!!!!!!! Do you need to think about it???? Jesus Michele majority rules nothing, you will take them and you will see it during the day when all the other little kids are in school. And if it's still crowded, which it might be, stay on the damn line and see it anyway. I'm not going to school either. =)

I would not be so daft as to give you advice, Michele, but I will say that although we in general make a strong effort to instill in our children a healthy ethic of hard-work and...

Oh fuck it, take them. If you don't they'll be the only kids in school that day anyway. Let them do their homework in line with all their friends.

They say an education makes a man... and I hate Harry Potter, so...

Yeah, go on. But you may have to camp out several hours in advance, just as we all had to to see Episode One and... oh, no wait, that was a silly mistake, only the truely sad and fucked up actually spent days camped out in front of cinemas. The smart ones booked by phone.

i'd say yes -- it's not as if you make a habit of it (as far as we know), and it's Harry Potter! special allowances are made for Harry Potter, because he rulez your school ;)

besides, as Miguel pointed out, you know there will be tons of other kids out of school that day to see it early, so follow the herd to the ticket booth and enjoy :)

you and the kids will remember going to see the first harry potter movie together much longer than anything they would happen to learn at school on that particular day.

when yr kids go into the ineviatbel yrs of adult therapy, do you want to be the cool-as-hell mum who took them to harry potter or the bitch from hell hwo madde them go to school? madame, the choice is yrs!

ABSOLUTELY. not a question in my mind. you deserve to see at least one great "kids" movie WITH your kids.

i agree with led 100%... they will remember that day with you for many, many years to come. go for it...

Go for it. It's not like they have to miss the entire day, just the last class or so. And you owe it to all y'all to get some quality time with them - it utterly sucks that you never get a weekend with them.

Carpe Diem!

Yes, and you fill their bellys full of candy, pop, whatever, and geek out like you were 8. You have to.

my 2 pennies... go for it!

Actually, I'm gonna' break from the trend here, and say no. If you pull your kids out of school to see a movie, it kind of installs a cheapened view of school's value. They're not going to die if they see it a day late or two, and the benefit of showing them how important going to class is would be worth it. I say you leave 'em in math.

I'd have to say 'yes'. There's nothing they're learning at that age that they couldn't catch up on. Plus, I can speak from personal experience...my mom took me and my best friend out of school the day that Return of the Jedi came out. To an kid, that was probably the coolest thing that could ever happen. We stood in a mile long line that stretched up one side of the mall and down the other to see it, and then we did it again later that night with my friends parents.

Go do it. You'll have a great memory for a lifetime.

Take 'em, no doubt about it. And be sure to load them up with Coke and chocolate so you can hand 'em off to the ex so wired they could light up a Christmas display.

If I was a kid and my mum took me out of school to go see the Harry Potter movie, I would think she was the coolest person in the whole world. Plus it would make me feel all giddy and special to share that with her. Then again, my mother would do that, she loves HP just as much (if not more) than I do..!

I say go for it!

I'd say yes - it's okay to bend the rules once in awhile... If you did it for every movie that came out, that'd be another story... but for a special occasion... Definitely! Hope you go and have a blast!!! :-)

You already got my opinion last night. Do it, baby. Public schools are for sucks anyway. ;-D

dodd's comment made me laugh. i'd say do it because you want to, michele. and this is coming from a kid who spent every other week going back and forth between her parents while growing up (can you spell therapy?). it will be a special treat, especially since you don't get to spend weekends with them. your kids will appreciate it and not just 'cause it's harry potter and they get to play hooky. they'll get it. trust me.

Well...here I am like a cow following the herd...

Sometimes we have to make our own rules Michele. Go to the movies with your kids. It's Friday afterall...Does ANY work get done on a Friday?

Enjoy! Oh, and buy a box of Junior Mints for me.

go for it! i'd do the same thing to my bastard ex! you only live once...and so do they...

Go - we saw it on Saturday in London and it's a superb film. Well worth missing school for! Enjoy!

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