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Operation Refresh

Operation Refresh

Bush: 'We wage a war to save civilization itself'.

What does one do when interest in your war is waning? You rile up the masses with hyperbole and catch phrases. You give a speech that leaves your citizens with the image of America as this great big tank rolling over the anyone who gets in its way. And even though the past two months have been one fright after another, filled with anthrax and credible threats and a Halloween that was a shadow of what it used to be, you tell people how strong they are and how the past two months have been inspiring. You confuse patriotism with fantacism. You make people think they care all over again, that war is a feel good kinda thing. Act like you're the homecoming king at a college football game urging the fans to cheer the team on to victory!

Bush: We have our marching orders. My fellow Americans, Let's roll!

Umm, George? I thought we started marching and rolling two months ago? Did I miss something?

This war needs a new logo, anyhow.

In any event, it wasn't George that did me in last night. It was this book and the mother/daughter book club at the library, that I thought ended at 7:45 but ended at 8:30. It's all good, because it was a lovely book and a nice discussion. And if any of you reading this have a kid that cringes when you mention the word poetry, you should read this book to them.

So I missed Family Guy, didn't think to tape it. And thanks to the wonderful miracle of internet piracy, I will probably have a copy to view by tonight. God Bless America, indeed.

It's Friday. It's 5am. And I am in a damn good mood. Let's see how long I can drag the good mood out before life bitchslaps me in the face.


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