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:::For Immediate Release:::

:::For Immediate Release:::

Tonight's viewing of A Small Victory/A Fire Inside is being pre-empted for family obligations, a pile of laundry that is just not going to wash itself and the season premiere of Family Guy. We will resume regularly scheduled blogging early Friday morning. Feel free to click on any of those links in the sidebar in lieu of the usual mindless ranting found here every evening.

The management thanks you and wishes you a pleasant evening. Management also makes no claim as to the validity of this announcement. Should the Family Guy premier be disrupted by the double talk and puppetry of one George W. and his band of roving liars, this blog just may resume normal activity.

Thank you and have a pleasant, anxiety free evening.


michele... how's the novel-in-a-month coming these days? just curious... like what i've read so far...

That pic "rays" is absolutely awesome!!!!


Refund. Now.

I talked to you on AIM. That counts for something. So no refund.

Damn, and I was hoping I'd get my money back so I could afford a new car.

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