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lumbering along...

lumbering along...

Has the media become so bored with this non-war that a police chase involving a lumber truck needs to be broadcast live on tv? Are we that desperate for thrilling news that they think a play-by-play of the most boring car chase since CHiPs was on the air is going to boos their ratings? Ten to one the media was just dying for that guy to get out of the truck and open fire, on the police or himself. When he gave up and threw himself on the ground as he exited the truck, I could almost hear the honchos at CNN muttering expletives.

This evil part of my brain keeps thinking that most of the media is really pissed that all these "immenent acts of terrorism" are panning out to nothing. They probably pray every night to that great media whore in the sky for something big to happen before the ratings drop too much and they get laid off.

Next up on CNN: Cat gets stuck in tree! Stay tuned for live coverage of.....Tree of Death 2001!


well, we have constant televised police chases on local tv in the greater LA market, but one like this, where it's spilling burning lumber in the streets, is pretty newsworthy (in this society).

Car chase involving a lumber truck? Yee-hah!

Of course, I suppose it's pretty hard to jump a lumber truck or get it to go up on two wheels, so nevermind.

this is a battle between good and evil, between those cats who respect life and dignity, and those cats, evil cats, who believe that climbing trees will result in their problems being solved...we must be resolute, the battle will be long, but eventually for the good of cats everywhere...oh get some sleep Geoff.

has anyone else noticed how all the trees are losing their leaves all at the same time this year? why isn't anyone reporting about that?

Stupid news...

And they made it sound like it was careening staright towards downtown Dallas. What they didn't say is I-20 is about 30 miles out in the country . . .

Yankee-five-niner, yankee-five-niner, we have a runaway lumber truck on a slow news day, call out the news chopper, over.

Keep in mind that it's almost sweeps time. Take all your TV news with an extra large grain of salt.

You have been warned.

Don't forget that within 12.5 minutes of the airing of Tree of Death 2001 that an appropriate theme music will be composed by the on staff wannabe musician and his Casio. Or there's the old standby of Tympany drums...stay tuned!

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